Fancy a car seat that you can get into from both sides of your vehicle?

This and five other new business projects designed by six young people from Northern Ireland will be in the works over the summer.

The six have been selected from almost 30 to take part in a prestigious summer internship worth £2,000 which will guide them through the launch of their own business at the Northern Ireland Science Park. As part of the internship, Erin Bennett, Jack Wallace, Rebekah Loughlin, Scott Hiland, Mark Ireland and Mason Robinson will each work with a mentor for eight weeks of business coaching on topics such as marketing, finance, legal and pitch training.

The young people are working towards a pitch of their business idea to a panel of judges which will take place at the end of the summer. One of the six will receive an additional £10,000 prize and a year of mentoring to further develop their business.

Science Park 1

Mason Robinson, Rebekah Loughlin, Jack Wallace, Erin Bennett and Mark Ireland

Each young person is working on a personal project. 17 year old Erin Bennett is developing a device which allows medical practitioners to continually monitor and evaluate the condition of an asthmatic patient while Scott Hilland has created a high quality car seat which has adjustable leg and head supports and can be accessed from both sides of a vehicle.

Other interns, Jack Wallace and Rebekah Loughlin, are working on a website and mobile apps. Jack’s allows tourists to spot what local activities are near to them whereas Rebekah Loughlin’s is to help students decide which university to attend.

Mark Ireland has developed an online hosting company to allow developers to get access to powerful Virtual Machines for testing ideas at a lower cost and Mason Robinson, who is only 15, has begun work on a new type of pen drive which incorporates software that prevents people from losing important documents.

Mark Ireland with the Science Park’s Holly Millar


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  1. Mason Robinson

    Just to let you know, it’s suppose to be Mason Robinson, instead or Mark Robinson

    Many thanks

    • Jess Stenson

      Ah, our mistake. Thank you for letting us know, we have edited the article accordingly. Congrats by the way!


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