Employee Helen Malone with Kate Morrow Harmony Holistic Healing

Employee Helen Malone with Kate Morrow Harmony Holistic Healing

A Belfast IT firm has been dubbed the “happy company” by its employees.

This year Novosco have scooped awards such as Employer of the Year and made it into the list of top companies to work for in the UK.

Not only do they invest over £2,000 a year in each of their 100 employees but they offer staff free massages every Friday.

The company, created by entrepreneurs Patrick McAliskey and John Lennon in 2007, ensure a massage therapist is on site at the company to ensure workers can alleviate their stress before heading home for the weekend.

Every day owners Patrick and John ensure there are healthy bowls of fruit replenished and regularly reward their staff with free lunches.

Managing director Patrick revealed that while other companies are cutting back on staff luxuries Novosco are using them to reduce sick days and staff turnover.

He explained: “We’ve worked really hard to talk to the employees and find out really what it is that they want to do and how they want to get better at doing their jobs.

“We invest quite a bit in things like training. We spend an average of around about £2,000 a year for every employee to go and do new training and we’re happy to do that. We want them to be able to add something new to their CV every year.

“We provide fruit every week for the staff and we have someone to come in on a Friday and provide massage. We actually provide lunch on a very regular basis and we do a fair bit of socialising together.

“We make sure staff are happy doing their job. Some people might think that massaging and fruit is all a bit gimmicky but ask people in here and they don’t, they genuinely value it.

Employee Deirdre Savage

Employee Deirdre Savage

One employee Deirdre Savage has been with the company for five years and she doesn’t see herself leaving any time soon.

Deirdre, is an accounts assistant at Novosco and was convinced by the company during her very first interview.

She said: “After talking to Patrick in my interview, I was absolutely convinced. I wanted to get a foot in the door, I saw it as a big opportunity.

“They do a lot of assessment and training which helps us get better and to develop. They also have a big focus on health and well-being, including health insurance, pension contributions, free fruit for employees and massage treatments and advice.

“There’s also a real focus on social activities and team-building, with nights out, team days and other activities.

“The massage is a great stress-reliever. As well as that we also get advice on dealing with stress, or with any sports injuries.

“We get the free fruit deliveries twice a week, which helps me eat better and avoid other snacks. We also have a cycle to work scheme and we do a lot of healthy challenges.”

According to Deirdre she’s never had a job so satisfying.

“It genuinely is a brilliant place to work” she said.

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