This spring DJ Sara Cox reckons trying new ways of getting fit is the secret to shaping up and being healthier.

She said: “I’m probably the fittest I’ve ever been because last year I dropped some weight – I snack on fresh berries rather than energy bars these days – and I joined a gym, and took up running which has really worked for me.

“In the spring, my goals are to take up outdoor swimming and return to horse riding. I think it’s vital to do things which are a total distraction and a change from routine because they’re great for your wellbeing and help destress you.”

Sara’s Top Spring Tip

Sara Cox

Sara Cox

She said: “Try new ways of keeping fit to ‘surprise’ your body and help keep you motivated.

“I did body combat for years but now I’ve switched to interval training and going on a running machine.

“I was always scared of the treadmill and thought I’d embarrassingly fly off it but now, although I look like a baby giraffe going the wrong way up an escalator, I’ve got the hang of it.”

Sara Cox is supporting Seasonal Berries who have launched the Snack Smart challenge to help change the nation’s snacking habits for the better, by making one simple snack swap a day.

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