After the success of  his videos on his channel TheHewittCollective, vlogger Joshua Hewitt decided to try and create a short film in 24 hours showcasing some of Belfast’s nicest spots.

For those who watch his vlogs they will appreciate this video as it shows he can be as skilful with a camera as he is with an espresso machine.

Joshua uses a number of locations in the short video, and watching them makes you feel proud of our city and some of the spots in it. It speaks volumes when in one shot he even makes rain cool… now that’s innovation.

There’s also a scene with his sister and her partner walking through a quaint little street, making Belfast look just as romantic as Venice.

The smothering of the maple syrup over the pancakes shows how Joshua could be a fantastic director in the porn business. Food Porn of course…

And it wouldn’t be a Joshua Hewitt vlog without a hot beverage as we see at the end.

If he was able to make that in 24 hours, we would all wonder what this talented vlogger can do in a bigger time scale.

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