With the Rugby World Cup on the approach once more this (albeit excellent) sport is overshadowing the likes of more niche activities.

Here are six niche sports in Belfast…

1. Roller Derby

If you thought skates were left behind in the ’80s you’re in for a pleasant surprise. With a range of teams competing in matches across the UK, this sport has so much going on right under our noses.

roller derby

Photo by Belfast Roller Derby

2. Dodgeball

At We Are Vertigo there are not one but two trampoline dodgeball courts in which this brilliantly fun sport can be taken to the next level. Across Northern Ireland dodgeball is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to the annual FASA Dodgeball tournament.


Photo by Northern Ireland Dodge Ball Association – NIDBA

3. Bog Snorkelling

The 10th annual Northern Ireland bog snorkelling championship took place a matter of weeks ago. Competitors swim 120 yards through a bog with the aid of only a snorkel, mask and flippers and are forbidden from using any regular swimming strokes. Jealous? Time to get training for next year.


4. Competitive Canoeing

From slalom to white water racing to canoe polo, there’s so much more to canoeing than just taking one out for a paddle. You can have a go from as close as Belfast Activity Centre.


5. Ultimate Frisbee

Sounds easy right? Wrong. Ultimate frisbee is far from a game in the park. It’s similar to a game of football (except with frisbees) as players pass the frisbee along the pitch and attempt to score goals. The growing number of teams in Belfast alone has sparked regular tournaments and training sessions.


6. Aikido

Queen’s University have their own Aikido club, a Japanese martial art that is becoming vastly practised in and around Belfast. Aikido is a peaceful sport, it actually translates to “the way of harmony”.


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