Joshua Hewitt is a 17-year-old vlogger from Northern Ireland who aims to deliver some inspiration to your screen.

Having been bullied out of school and youth clubs for having Tourette’s Joshua spent four months without leaving the house. However he thought it was time to make a change.

Thankfully he’s benefited from home tutition and has found a new passion in film making. Recently his passions have moved onto coffee making and he is now a self trained barista in his own home.

Here are some of the films he’s made to raise awareness of Tourette’s and highlight some of the events taking place in Northern Ireland and generally have a bit of fun…

1. Living with Tourette’s

2. Getting cultured

3. On the road to Wellness

4. Singing in the car

5. The arrival of a new coffee machine

We asked Joshua a few questions:

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Well, I’m nearly 18. I’m a Vlogger from Richhill, County Armagh. I love to travel, to experience new cultures, meet new people, and capture the memories on my GoPro, to re-watch on my YouTube Channel. My Channel is called “The Hewitt Collective,” which is partnered with Maker Studios, a company owned by Disney.

So why did you start up a  Youtube channel and start Vlogging?

I started a Vlog as a way to look back on my life, re-live memories, and to see how I’ve changed over time, but also as a way to raise awareness about certain issues, such as bullying and anxiety, to build a following which would be willing to help.

What is the main aim of your channel?

The main aims of my channel is to build a community which is willing to help. As well as building my online career around something I love to do. Though I also enjoy the idea of re-watching my memories, months later, such as my trip to Uganda, and last month’s trip to Rome. I’d love to work with travel companies, to Vlog in other countries and share them with my audience.

Your dream event to vlog from?

My dream event to Vlog from is VidCon in California. It’s like the Ultimate Event for YouTubers to attend. Buffer Festival in Toronto is up there too. But I also wouldn’t decline a visit to WrestleMania!

What 3 people (dead or alive) would you bring to a dinner party? 

That’s a tough question. But my top 3 guests are all alive. It would be Jimmy Carr, for the quick wit across the table, as well as hearing his laugh echo the room. I’d also invite my two favourite Vloggers, Ben Brown and Louis Cole.


Check out more of Josh on his channel ‘TheHewittCollective’ on Youtube:


Or Follow Joshua via The Hewitt Collective on Facebook for regular updates.

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