“What’s wrong with them?”

“Ah, they’re just a bit hungry.”

On the inside it feels pretty damn miserable and on the outside everyone is blaming you for being snappy – so you demand to know since when were you being snappy?

Cue vicious circle.

Little do many people know, getting a bit stroppy because you haven’t eaten in a while isn’t pathetic, it’s natural.

When your body runs low on nutrients you body sees the situation as life or death so to tackle the situation your brain unleashes your wrath with no time to warn the people around you.

Other times your blood-glucose level can get so low that you have to release stress hormones to raise them and get (surprise surprise) stressed.


A third way your body combats hunger also can drive you to anger – common genes.

Genes produce chemicals, on of which regulates (or unregulates in this case) your anger.

While snapping and shouting might seem rude, a hungry person is just surviving. Their body is combating the hunger.

If you really want to shut them up, just pass them a bar of Dairy Milk.

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