Why fat gathers at our bellies

The two main reasons you are holding onto belly fat is down to survival and nutrition.

Your body’s primary function is to survive and it does it so well.

The reason it stores fat around your midsection is because it can hang there and requires little energy, so if you were in a survival situation it would last longer.

The problem is we are not in a survival situation, we are in heavy abundance were calories are dense and easy to come by.


We shove rich calorie drenched food down our necks and wash it down with sugary fizzy drinks. By the way, your diet coke is no exception, the chemicals in your stomach react just the same as if it was pure sugar spiking your blood sugar levels and raising insulin.

So we are not doing ourselves any favours are we?

So how do we attack?

We have to go back and think about the survival aspect again. Your body does not want to let go of belly fat nor does it want to build lean muscle, belly fat is our energy source and emergency fund while muscle burns too many calories.

The way to build lean muscle is repetitive injury (although it’s not anywhere near as bad as that sounds!).


That’s exactly what you’re doing in the gym. So your metabolic rate has now increased and you have to make sure your feeding this lean tissue, how… you bloody eat!!

Don’t diet

This is why I tell my clients not to diet. You have to eat the right foods in the right combination to get maximum effect. Eating fruit on its own is a no-no.

Muscle is the key to losing fat, burn it from the inside out rather than attacking it in the form of restrictive diets and excess cardio. You have to let your body know it’s okay to let go of fat.


If your body is trying to survive then don’t fight it by going on some crap diet or product that will mess your metabolism up. It won’t work and you will gain it back. Trust me.

It’s impossible to spot burn, in other words just lose weight from your belly. It has to be burnt globally.

What to do

  • Start a progressive workout plan based on your current fitness and build from there
  • Stop dieting, start eating to survive at the highest level
  • Forget quick fixes, we all want to lose 10 lbs by tomorrow, but you will get results within four weeks this way. Is that not quick enough?

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