Role models play an important part in many of our lives. These are the people we look up to admire and, through them, are inspired to achieve bigger and better things. There’s something about human beings that makes us respond to the stories of others. If someone else can do it, then why not us? That can mean everything from reading a book recommended by a person we respect, to taking up a new hobby to emulate someone we admire.

Nowhere is this more marked than in the world of health and fitness. Role models in this field are the people who have been there and done it. They have the body we aspire to get with the routine and regime that we want to take up.

They are the people we keep in mind while we strap our boots on, plan out our balanced workout diet with supplements from the likes of Fysiqal and set off to the gym.

Here are three of the best role models with the power to spur people on the workout success…

1. Davina McCall

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Famous people are in a great position to be fitness role models as they are already in the public eye. When we see television presenters, sports stars and actors looking great in films then we have something to aspire to. It helps too that we also often know their ‘story’ and what’s going on in their lives. Davina McCall is a great example of that. The TV presenter has released more than a dozen fitness DVDs in a period spanning more than a decade, inspiring others to match a physique that she’s achieved at the same time as balancing a busy career and three children. That she still looks great in her late 40s is sure to be inspiration to fellow mums.

2. David Beckham


David Beckham has proved to be many things throughout his career. Talented footballer, fashion icon, doting dad, sporting ambassador – but he’s also a great fitness role model. Not only did his fitness as a footballer allow him to keep playing well into his late 30s, but he’s now staying in tip-top shape even in sporting retirement – giving men in their 40s inspiration on how to look great. Born Fitness outlined the work ‘Becks’ put in to achieve his results – follow it if you can!

3. Becky Lomas

Many teenage girls no longer turn to celebrities or sports stars for their fitness inspiration, preferring instead to find their role models among the women who run ‘fitspo’ inspiration pages – with Instagram pictures and blog posts. Once such person is Becky Lomas, the woman behind strongisthenewskinny94, an account with more than 150,000 followers. She lost 11kg as one of the many people who embraced the clean eating lifestyle/diet and regularly posts pictures of her workouts and meals. She told the Daily Mail that she tries to strike the right balance so that followers get a rounded view of her lifestyle, saying: “I know a lot of young girls are following and they’re very impressionable so I do take that into account a lot. I try to post every aspect of the health and fitness world, like when it comes to days when I don’t feel like working out, because obviously everyone’s human and everyone has days like that.”

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