So you’re a teenager starting out at weight lifting and you’re being put off by the laughter of others in the gym.

Who better to offer you advice and words of inspiration than a 67-year-old politician?

Did I mention the politician is none other than the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger? This tale of celebrity over adversity reads much better now, doesn’t it?

The 19-year-old man going by the username GnashBrowns had posted a sad message on Reddit about giving up at the gym because of people laughing at him when he couldn’t get his weightlifting form right.

The response from Schwarzenegger was to tell him: “You should be proud that you weren’t afraid – not embarrassed that you failed. You could have made excuses not to walk into the door, but you didn’t. You knew it would be hard, and it would be uncomfortable, and it might be awkward – and you did it anyway. That’s courage.”

Schwarzenegger with his guns out in Predator

After his pep talk from the action hero turned politician turned motivational speaker, GnashBrowns posted that he couldn’t wait to go to the gym again and would check in to Reddit’s weightlifting community regularly to update them on his progress.

A touching tale, but I can’t help but wonder is there an election coming up?

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