TV presenter and actress Donna Air has been kicking up a bit of fuss recently.

She’s raising awareness of acupunture.

Donna Air

Donna Air

The star said: “For me, the best way to shrug off winter is to have traditional acupuncture, as it gives my body a reboot and recharges my energy levels.

“I respond so well to the treatment, that after around 10 minutes, I can feel my body relaxing. It’s wonderfully calming and a great de-stresser.

“I also like to swim and love yoga, which really makes me feel revitalised.”

Donna’s Top Spring Tip

She said: “I use Epsom Salts for detoxing and as a brilliant body scrub and bath soak, which gives my skin a healthy glow.”

To find a fully qualified traditional acupuncturist in your area, contact the British Acupuncture Council: 020 8735 0400/

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