Former professional dancer with BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing Camilla Sacre-Dallerup is working on her general overall well-being this spring.

She said: “I’ve been busy working and had a couple of debilitating winter bugs, so I feel I’ve been in hibernation for a while.

“I’m not a winter kind of girl, I love the sun, so now spring’s on the horizon, I’m getting my bounce back and will start getting outdoors walking.

“I’m aware of looking after my digestive health, which is key, and I take acidophilus capsules which helps keep a healthy balance of bacteria in your body.

“I also take a food supplement, Royal Jelly capsules, and when I’m travelling, I always have a jar of Manuka honey with me because it’s anti-bacterial. I take a daily dose to ward off germs you pick up on planes.”

WELLBEING Celebrity 101344Camilla’s Top Spring Tip

She said: “Meditating’s changed my life because I have a very fast brain and, in the past, my thoughts raced, which prevented me relaxing and sleeping properly.

“Nowadays, I do five minutes meditation in the morning and evening, by listening to calming sounds. It’s helped me enormously and I think has impacted on my health and wellbeing, making me much less susceptible to stress and illness.”

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