Peter Davidson with client Toni McAllister

Peter Davidson with client Toni McAllister

So by now many of us will have broken the New Year’s resolution to get fit.

Something or other will have got in the way and now we’re saying we’re going to get fit this summer.

Belfast trainer Peter Davidson says we shouldn’t be beating ourselves up about it, he says these things take time.

He added: “Often people set a huge task for themselves and expect themselves to achieve it in a short period of time.

“This can make the goal seem distant and unachievable, causing a loss of motivation and again leads to people quitting.

“A lot of people make resolutions in the new year just because it’s the done thing. If they’re not serious about it once they hit a plateau or regress they easily give up.”

Here are Peter’s top tips to health & fitness success:

1. Small Changes
Focus on making small changes rather than trying to drastically overhaul your diet and training.
Think about making one to two small changes a week. It’s all about changing habits and creating habits that will last.


2. Moderation
Practice moderation, it’s boring but possibly the most underrated health tip.

3. Eat More
Increase the amount of food and veg you eat. It will increase your metabolism.

PeterDavidson064. Eat More Meat
Increase your protein intake, again something that’s often overlooked and the majority of people don’t eat enough protein. Even if your goal is weight loss protein is very important.

5. Be More Active
Exercise more. Start slow and build it up and pick a form of exercise you enjoy, if you enjoy it you’ll stick at it, if you don’t enjoy it you’ll give up

PeterDavidson036. Don’t Jump In
Without a doubt trying to do too much too soon is one of the biggest problems people have.
Following a plan that throws you in the deep end leaves you feeling overwhelmed by trying to make too many changes at once.
When you become overwhelmed you give up.
You need to make health and fitness fit in with your lifestyle rather than your lifestyle having to fit around your health and fitness plan.

7. Be Realistic
Make realistic goals and break your long term goal down into shorter term ones.
If you do want to achieve something big then great go for it. But break that big goal down into small ones.
For example if you want to lose 3 stone, it’s realistic to aim for 1lb a week on average (bear in mind that sometimes life can get in the way plus you don’t want to become a social hermit).
If you averaged 1lb a week for a year that’s 52lbs or around 3 stone have just smashed your goal of losing 3 stone.
I also believe it’s important to do things this way to avoid rebounding.
There’s no point losing 3 stone in 12 weeks if you’ve put it all back on by the end of the year

PeterDavidson058. Don’t Cut Out Whole Food Groups
I’m not a fan of curing out food groups in diets.
It’s completely possible for people to lose weight and improve their health and fitness while eating any foods they enjoy in moderation, so why make banned foods all the more tempting by banning them in the first place?

9. Diet Pills Don’t Work
I’ve yet to see any diet aiding pills that work.
There’s nothing out there that is going to ‘up your metabolism’ too many people get caught up looking for a magic pill or potion that doesn’t exist and end up wasting money on the latest fads when for years it’s been known that creating a calorie deficit through diet and exercise is what works.
For me there’s far to many scams out there..any detox diet being the main one this time of year, you have kidneys, a liver, lungs and skin that detoxes for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week, what would you need a detox diet for?

Peter Davison is a personal trainer who works out of Fitness First in Connswater.  You can contact him through Facebook.

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