One of the biggest excuses we’ve all used at one time or another for not going to the gym is – time!

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Maeve McLoughlin

We never have enough of it.

But one Belfast gym has decided to turn this into a fitness benefit for its members rather than allow them to use it as a reason not to work out.

PreCore Studios, which recently opened a third branch in Glengormley, have introduced the AMRAP fitness method – As Many Rounds As Possible.

Owner and fitness guru, Maeve McLoughlin says members are already seeing fantastic results in a short space of time.

She added: “AMRAP stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible and is always completed within a set amount of time.

“The goal behind AMRAP is to take a short period of time, a set of challenging exercises, and to work at your max effort to complete as many rounds as possible.”

But what are the benefits?

1. It’s fast and effective
Maeve explained: ” It’s a great way to work hard and to properly exert yourself. Exercise should be challenging in order to promote change within the body, and working out in a short time frame, tends to encourage you to push harder than if you were going to the gym for long periods of time.”

2. Suitable for all
“This style of training works for everyone” said Maeve, adding: “It’s a great way, for a range of different people, with a range of fitness levels and abilities, to all workout together.
“As the time and exercises are set, each person can work at their own pace, ensuring that all levels of participants are working to their own individual, maximum levels. So you and your super fit mate can still go to the gym together.”

3. It helps instil confidence
“Every time you complete an AMRAP you should aim for a personal best, this way you are competing against yourself, aiming for improvement, and creating confidence as you smash those records” said Maeve.

4. Focus
Maeve said: “This is a challenging way to train, but it’s a great way to build focus on the task at hand and encourage people to self-motivate.”

5. Fat burning
“If done right, you will get results” said Maeve.
“One of the best ways to burn body fat, and develop fitness levels, is to complete interval style training. If you plan your AMRAP workout effectively, you can achieve an interval style workout, which will spike your metabolic rate, burning more calories in a short space of time, and drastically improving your aerobic capacity, making you leaner and fitter. Work smart, not hard.”

PreCore Studios offers a class based workout using Power Plates combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT) to achieve maximum results, users of the gyms benefit from personal training without paying high costs, each class has a maximum of 6 participants.

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