Concerning research on the ‘Sunday Night Fear’ carried out amongst Northern Irish workers in April has revealed that 75% of us have experienced the Sunday Night Fear and a further 25% of us experience the dreaded blue feeling every week!

Research revealed that females aged under 34 are most affected.


It also showed 75% of NI workers revealed household chores get in the way of enjoying time off work, with 38% claiming preparing for the week ahead impacts their time at the weekend.


With so many young NI workers experiencing this mood, leading Irish psychologist Allison Keating told us the greatest ways to help avoid the ‘rut’ of monotonous weekends and keep the Sunday Night Dread at bay.

Top tips to avoid the Sunday Night Fear

Feeling unsatisfied by spending the weekend doing chores and catching up? To remedy this a plan of action is all that is needed:

1. Write down what you want to do for yourself this weekend? Get a wall diary and pencil in your 9 am run on the beach (for the active!) or making time to catch up with friends

2. Write down a weekend ‘bucket list’ from the smallest to biggest goals – travel somewhere new, eat something new, be awe inspired by nature.

3. Be aware that routine speeds time up. Strategically plan how to eliminate some chores throughout the week and slot in time to value your leisure time.

4. Eating and exercising well is not only good for you physically it gets rid of the build-up of the stress hormone cortisol.

5. To cultivate a life worth living requires effort, planning and a commitment to yourself and your well-being. Turn off your phone, meet some friends, kick back and have some ‘r&r runs and relaxation’ to add vitality and life back into your weekend.

6. Plan your ‘spontaneous’ fun, the positive anticipation of an upcoming trip or meeting with friends is the antidote to that dread that creeps in around 6pm Sunday Evening. Decide now to say no to chores!!

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