Everyone has the dreaded January blues.

As getting back to the pre-festive holiday swing takes its toll, we’ve come up with five fail-proof ways to beat the blues:

5 Fun Ways To Beat The Blues In Belfast…

1. Do Something Entertaining

Instinct Archery

Need to stretch your feet (and your arms?) Take your mind off feeling blue by getting up and about.

If you’re lucky enough to work in Belfast city centre, why not take yourself and your work mates off for half an hour’s worth of archery at Instinct Archery – based in College Court (Floor 3).

Having tried this traditional archery, we’re pleased to say this relaxed environment (thankfully with no half hour lectures about ‘proper’ stance) offers just the right amount of release of energy and inner competitiveness to take our minds off of work. Cheap and cheerful, this place would definitely make a great starting off spot for any Stag Do’s (just make sure you haven’t had any pints first…)

2. Eat Well

A permanent fixture in Home's deli menu. Sweetcorn and coriander fritters #glutenfree

Everyone deserves a lunchtime treat, especially when you’re just back to work. Why not treat yourself to something tasty once a week in order to have something to look forward to.

Even by treating yourself to lunch on a Friday once a week, in our minds we will have something to look forward to. Something to escape the monotonous workflow and soggy cheese sandwiches.

We highly recommend Home Restaurant. As recently featured on our Best Places For Healthy Food In Belfast,  Home’s Skinny menu offers a wealth of options if you are looking to lose or maintain weight, enjoy fresh and delicious super foods or simply live a healthier lifestyle.

They select the finest ingredients and carefully cook them to order, making sure you get all of the taste without the calories or excess fat. Their skinny lunch menu features lots of fruits, vegetables and lean meats sourced from trusted local suppliers.

We also like that they appreciate the struggle

We also like that they appreciate the struggle

3. Make The Most Of The Weekend

As tempting as it is, try not to waste your weekend.

You always feel cheated as soon as Monday morning rolls around once again and you think to yourself: “Well that was a waste.”

Try to get out of the house, whether it’s a romantic night at Fratelli (our favourite restaurant right now), which oozes rustic Italian charm with a contemporary edge.

The Perch - beat the blues

Or a night out on the town. You can never beat The Dirty Onion for laid back nights enjoyable nights with their extensive drinks menu. Whilst The Perch is our go-to spot for classy cocktails.

Alternatively, if you fancy a ‘Gin Crawl’, check out our 7 Finest Gin Establishments in Belfast.

4. Book A Holiday

When all else fails, book a holiday.

Clubworld Travel, who has just celebrated its 25 anniversary, runs excellent deals throughout the year.

Like their Facebook page or call in to one of the many offices across NI for amazing deals in Ibiza, Monaco, Thailand and Prague – to name just a few….

5. Get A Good Night’s Sleep

get your full 8 hours to beat any January blues

Recent research showed that we miss out on a staggering 64 nights’ worth of sleep per year.

Getting your full eight hours can make such a difference on your mindset, productivity and health – so cut the excuses this year. Bin the electronics earlier (they effect your sleep), pick up a book – and get into bed. You’ll feel far better for it.

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