Right – it’s time to hit the gym, spinning class, yoga session, boxercise class or whatever activity you indulge in for fitness. Wait a minute, though. You’re wearing that? A generic, multiple-washed, baggy white t-shirt with the faded remnants of a logo on the back and a pair of once-black leggings that are now closer to grey and loose in all the wrong places?

Oh. This is disappointing to see. You can still complete your workout but don’t expect to draw any admiring glances. If looking stylish while you exercise is important to you and you want to stay fashionably fit, follow these five top tips…

Get the right fit


Getting clothes that fit properly should be your first priority. Remember the baggy tee we mentioned at the top of this article? Yes, no good. Bigger and baggier clothes don’t do you any favours, even if you’re body conscious – you just look shapeless. At the other end of the scale, gear that is too tight will make you feel uncomfortable and unless you have a flawless figure (and who does?) is to be avoided. Girls – this also applies to wearing the right sports bra.

Be bold with colour


There is plenty of sportswear on the market in black, grey and navy blue, and there’s nothing wrong with steady colours like that. But there are also items of gym wear in really vibrant colours and snazzy patterns; use these wisely and blend bright colours with plain for a great look. Shop here and you’ll find leggings with a funky lettering design and breathable tops in fluro colours; stay right on trend and get creative with your workout clothes!

Blag the bag


‘A cute, well-stocked bag can improve the chances you’ll hit the gym… a gym bag in a shimmery metallic looks chic.’ So states this article in In Style, which also underlines the point that stylish gear will help to motivate you to get moving. We couldn’t agree more! Using a classy duffel or Tote bag can set your outfit off nicely and they don’t necessarily cost much either, as this guide from the Independent shows. Time to put the dog-eared old backpack in the bin, for good.

Best foot forward


Sometimes seen as merely functional, the right footwear for the gym is vital as it will provide support and protection. But trainers are more than just tools for a job – the days of wearing the same old pair, year in, year out, have long gone (or should have long gone). Nowadays, it seems that no outfit or occasion is off limits for trainers; they look great in the gym, at a bar, even in the office – dress code permitting. Your choice of design is virtually endless – check out the selection here.



Don’t forget the small details – indulge in some wearable tech to not only look the part, but track your performance during your session. The very latest trackers are sleek, discrete and, in some cases, multi-functional. The Apple Watch is still, arguably, the pick of the bunch but there are plenty of other models to suit all budgets.

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