The Dead Rabbit in New York has been named The World’s Best Pub (twice).

While that’s a worthy reason to think this pub is awesome, there’s more to it than that. The Dead Rabbit is actually run by two lads from Belfast – Jack McGarry and Sean Muldoon.

The lads, who previously worked at Belfast’s prestigious The Merchant Hotel, were convinced by a regular customer to build their own business in New York. Opening The Dead Rabbit in 2013, the lads did just that.

Although they miss Kelly’s Cellars and the Belfast people (who wouldn’t?) their business is thriving and they make the place as homely as possible by covering the pub’s walls in artwork that tells the story of Irish people in New York.

Adding to the sense of home, the menu features meals like bangers and mash, braised rabbit, shepherd’s pie and – of course – an Irish breakfast. Even better, you can buy Irish groceries over the counter.

Co-founder Jack McGarry said: “Sean and I wanted to bring together our two favourite styles of bars, cocktail bar The Merchant Hotel—and the bar that we drank in—an Irish pub called the Duke of York.”

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