Belfast has had its fair share of great restaurants over the years, and some of them have stuck in our memories long after they shut their doors for the last time.

Even though it has been years since some of these places closed, we still miss these 14 long gone Belfast eateries.

Thanks to our friends at Yelp Belfast for providing us with pics of some of the restaurants.

1. Chicago Pizza Pie Factory


Now The Marcus Ward & Foundry, and previously the Stiff Kitten, this restaurant was probably better known for its cocktails than its food. In fact, most people who went there had no intention of eating.

2. Bishops


A favourite haunt for a late night bite, hangovers have gotten a lot worse since Bishops closed both its Belfast outlets.

3. Spuds


We recently discovered that someone is still trading under the Spuds name on the Donegall Road, but sadly it doesn’t meet the standards of the old Spuds on Shaftsbury Square, which was a mandatory stop on the way home after a night out in Belfast.

4. Wendy’s


Wendy’s was the Five Guys of its day and the Lisburn Road is a much sadder place without this freckled and pigtailed little girl with great taste in burgers.

5. Legends


Legendary pizza was guaranteed in this pizza palace on the Lisburn Road where the pizzas were named after the stars of the silver screen that adorned the walls. Now home to Amici.

6. Delaney’s


People quite rightly went ’round the bend’ when this famous corner restaurant in Lombard Street shut up shop in 2011 and gave way to Caffe Nero.

7. Ruby Tuesdays


Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
Who could hang a name on you?
When you change with every new day
Still I’m gonna miss you

(Sorry, couldn’t resist! We do genuinely miss this eaterie which at one time was going strong on both the Lisburn Road and Stranmillis)

8. The Skandia

acton and sons

The Skandia set the bar high for restaurants in Belfast and it took a number of years before most caught up. Although the Skandia is long gone, its original owners still run Acton & Sons in Blackstaff Square.

9. Frogities


There aren’t too many French restaurants in Belfast so it got a little bit lonelier when this Gallic gastromy haven in Bradbury Place shut it doors. Today it is home to Darcy’s.

10. Giraffe

ls (1)

Giraffe used to be head and shoulders above most of the eateries on Stranmillis, but sadly it was put out to graze.

11. Mama Mia’s


Sadly Mama Mia’s pizza shop didn’t stick around long enough for the ABBA resurgence. It was great while it lasted though!

12. Bewley’s


Now hosting the sprawling clothes explosion that is TK Maxx, the back of Donegall Arcade used to be the location of a rather splendid cafe called Bewley’s.

13. Fatty Arbuckles


This American-style diner focused on large portions at cheap prices. Sadly the business model proved unsustainable and all of the chain’s diners were closed by 2006.

14. Foo Kin


Maybe it was just the name we got a kick out of, but we miss it all the same!

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