Harlem Cafe in Belfast has gained worldwide attention after it added a Trump Sandwich to its menu.

Owner Faye McFarland was interviewed by The Independent after a billboard advertising the signature sandwich started doing the rounds online.

Faye McFarland told indy100: “Everyone takes the political world so seriously. I wanted to infuse it with a bit of humour. At this stage of the year, with the elections in America I thought – it’s an eye catcher. It’s just to catch people’s eye. I didn’t do it as a political statement.”


Picture: Faye McFarland

The sandwich costs £9.50 and includes:

White bread

Lots of boloney

Russian dressing

& a small pickle

When asked how she decided on the ingredients, Faye said: “The little pickle? That was just to spice things up! It’s an up-market steak sandwich, really.

“People love humour, Americans love humour and we’ve had far more positive than negative responses.”

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