Captain Kennedy were a band from Lurgan who ceased to exist after 2013. They were a big hit in their home town, but didn’t make the splash outside of County Armagh that they deserved.

From the ashes of Captain Kennedy rose Ciaran Lavery, a singer who’s swimming in global accolades right now. He could soon be followed into the limelight by his former bandmate Chris Molloy who also has the potential to carve a career for himself as a self-sufficient song peddler.

Chris (first left) and Ciaran (second left) in the Captain Kennedy days

Chris (first left) and Ciaran (second left) in the Captain Kennedy days

Chris, who’s now based in Belfast, released his new album ‘Heavy Love’ on the March 4 and you’ll find the record on all the major online music services including iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Apple Music.

Chris filled us in on the album that very nearly never was: “Heavy Love has been about three years in the making,” he said. “I’ve scrapped the project about four times and it was only last autumn that I decided to re-record a lot of it and get it out there… honestly, it’s an absolute relief to finally have it finished – and it seems to be getting a good response and is gathering momentum.”


The themes of love, loss and time create a poignant cocktail throughout the record. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Chris there’s a good chance you’re entitled to a share in this glorious album.

He explained: “Memory plays an important factor, and I think there’s a little piece of everyone I’ve ever met in those songs. I’m not covering new ground here, instead just putting my own little spin on it… I’m planning to get back into the studio very soon and keep the ball rolling.”

Our pick of the tracks on his new album is the title track Heavy Love, a haunting ballad that looms larger with every listen…

You’ll catch Chris around Northern Ireland on the following dates…

Wednesday March 9 – The Empire – Society Sessions

Wednesday March 16 – Blast 106 FM – Live performance

Thursday March 31 – Lansdowne Hotel, Belfast – Lansdowne Sessions 

Thursday April 7 – Love Coffee, Lurgan – Record Promo

Friday April 8 – The Bar With No Name (upstairs) – Record Promo

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