Fresh from his appearance at Belfast Pride, Conleth Kane has spoken about the devastating break-up that proved to be the inspiration behind his viral hit single.

32-year-old Conleth from Lurgan has been amazed by the response to his video The Grass Is Always Greener, which has had close to 50,000 views since he posted it last week.

“Never in a million years did I think it would reach so many people,” said Conleth.

“I posted it at 11pm and woke up at 7am and my Facebook had gone into meltdown. It had over 6000 views and almost 70 shares and my inbox was rammed with messages from strangers. I sat with my jaw open. I literally thought a few family members and friends were going to leave a comment or two. My sister advised me to take it down for various reasons and I saw her point. When I took it down, my phone went crazy and my Facebook got even busier because people wanted it back up, and I did think to myself I had spoiled the opportunity of the song spreading.  I put it back up later that night and it went just as crazy, and it really hasn’t stopped.”

He added: “If I had kept it up and not removed it, almost 50,000 would have seen it with both posts combined.”

“I didn’t quite realise just how relatable the song was. I have never had a reaction like this in my life. I was getting stopped in the street by complete strangers in Belfast at the weekend by people who loved the song and the video. It’s crazy! I am getting messages from people in different countries like Nashville, New Zealand and Spain who have watched it.  The internet is so powerful.”

Conleth explained: “I wrote the song just days prior to singing it into my iPhone. That day I had it recorded on piano and my pianist and I went for dinner in the O2, and that is where I met my ex-partner, so to actually re-visit that spot was quite overwhelming.  It touched a nerve.  I was so happy with him. I thought I was starting to get over the split, but being in that particular spot that day, having just recorded the piano part in the studio, was harder than I expected.  Within two hours I was at home and I sang the song into my iPhone, uploaded it and then BOOM!  The reaction to the song has made me genuinely come to terms that everything just might happen for a reason after all, and this song has been the perfect medicine.

Despite it being a viral hit, Conleth said he doubted his ex had heard the song: “We are no longer in contact and we don’t have any mutual friends on social media. However, out of all the tens of thousands of views it has gained, maybe he was one of them. To be honest, I don’t really care if he has seen it or not. My relationship ended very, very suddenly with no real warning signs, so if writing a song helped me through a bad situation – then so be it.

“I do feel with him that the ‘grass was greener on the other side’, hence I had to base the song around that particular lyric, and the fact that the lyrics are so raw and honest is probably the reason why it has spread as far as it has. The majority of people have been where I was when I wrote the song. It was written about him, yes, but it is about so much more than him now. People have messaged me said it reminded them about the loss of a family member, a friend. The song now sits on its own.”

When asked if he believed the best songs come from dark places, Conleth said: “It sounds like such a cliche, but yes. Heartache is a terrible feeling, and if you can channel that through music and make people feel some sort of emotion, then you have done your job as a songwriter. I suppose that’s why Adele is who she is today.”

He added: “I would say it’s definitely the most emotional thing I have ever written. A lot people say I wear my heart on my sleeve. Well, this is my heart on a page, in a song.  I mean every lyric.”

Addressing his first appearance at Pride, Conleth said: “It was electric.  The weekend was the perfect tonic. To perform three of my original songs to a crowd of 10,000 people was the best feeling in the world, and to have people in the audience sing The Grass Is Always Greener with me, four days after I put it out on the internet, was a feeling I just can’t describe.  Euphoric. Hosting was fun too. I really enjoyed that! Belfast is a great city.

Conleth, who is booked to perform at Newry Pride in September, said: “I have worked in theatre and appeared on TV shows since I was 21. I loved it. I am really enjoying just focusing on being creative and songwriting these days. My first single last Christmas was a cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ and it went down so well on Northern Irish radio last year.

Giving It Up (my current single) is on the playlists of Q Radio, Cool FM, Gaydio and getting played in major clubs across the UK and in Ibiza, I am so so proud of it, working with Maff Boothroyd and Deep Matter was incredible. Such amazing house producers.

“I premiered my next song Take Me Higher at Belfast Pride and it went down a storm! It features Brit-Award winner Sonique on it. She sounds amazing.  It was produced by Damon Hess. Obviously I cannot ignore the unbelievable reaction to The Grass Is Always Greener – I have to be very wise with what I do with it. I also run my own Social Media Business on the side here in London so that keeps me busy too!”

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