Malojian will release his third album in three years when ‘This Is Nowhere’ hits stores in October.

Stevie Scullion recorded the new album with the great Steve Albini earlier this year. It follows the critically acclaimed Deer’s Call (2014) and equally critically acclaimed Southlands (2015).

The fact the man who produced Nirvana’s In Utero and Pixies’ Surfer Rosa was on board for the new disc makes it even more hotly anticipated.

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Here’s what Stevie said about the upcoming release: “It gives us enormous pleasure to announce the release of our new album “This Is Nowhere” on Rollercoaster Records!

“This is the album we recorded with the great Steve Albini earlier this year at Electrical Audio, Chicago.

“The folks at Rollercoaster are some of the most passionate, hardworking and genuine music lovers we’ve had the pleasure to meet so we’re hugely excited about working with them on this record. Hopefully we can keep building something style together.”

You can now pre-order the Limited Edition vinyl & CD versions of the album via


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