On Friday August 19, St Patrick’s Church at Ballymacarrett will host a concert by Anúna.

The Independent described Anúna as providing “the sort of thrilling, life-affirming music that makes you think Ireland, indeed the world, is not such a bad place after all” while Hot Press say “With Anúna, the worlds of choral, classical and traditional music intersect with ease, a place where heaven meets the horizon in perfect coalescence”

From the chants of medieval monks to the words of the great modern poets, an Anúna concert is a uniquely beautiful experience that combines atmospheric costumes, candles and movement into a haunting sonic tapestry.

The groundbreaking Irish ensemble will play St Patrick’s Church as part of EastSide Arts Festival.


In 1987, Irish composer Michael McGlynn founded the choir in an effort to create a physical voice for his compositions, many of which are strongly influenced by the history and mythology of his homeland.

The name Anúna is derived from the Gaelic term An Uaithne, a collective description for the three ancient forms of Irish music –  Goltraí (song of lament), Geantraí  (song of joy) and Suantraí (the lullaby). An Uaithne and subsequently Anúna, is a uniquely beautiful instrument. The purity and natural techniques that are employed by the singers explore the stories of ordinary people, poets, saints and scholars.

So what kind of person is an Anúna singer?

Their backgrounds are myriad and their stories are varied and intriguing. They come from the worlds of opera, rock, traditional music and early music combining together with a unified approach to singing and the creation of a hallmark vocal sound and ambience.

Anúna usually features between twelve and fourteen singers on stage at any given time. One of them is soprano Andrea Delaney.


She said: “As a singer in Anúna I use conscious thought. I slow my mind using my breath, and bring awareness to what I do. I contemplate and co-ordinate these technical and philosophical aspects in a simple Wednesday evening rehearsal with the other ‘Anúna-ists’.

“Michael’s music is akin to these ideas, to nature, human experience and the Celtic spirit, having carried sounds that have touched the souls of countless people across its twenty-eight year history. So much so that the sound imagined by Michael and created by Anúna since 1989 continues to be connected as a national identity, still drawn from to this day. That is Ruah. That is spirit, thought and unity through music.”What we are actually doing, piece by piece, is finding the fullness of our true nature: physically, emotionally and vocally. That is a thought-provoking and constant process. Whatever goal we aspire to we discover the imagery that works best for us and we practise embodying it to release our personal Ruah, spirit, voice, breath…”

Anuna will perform in St Patrick’s Church, Ballymacarrett on August 19 at 8pm (Doors 7.30pm)

The cost per ticket is £21.50 + booking fee

Book tickets via eastsidearts.ticketsolve.com

Due to the nature of the venue this event will not include a bar or refreshment facilities, and customers are asked not to bring their own food or drink into the church. Church pews are also known for being quite firm, so we suggest that you bring a nice comfy cushion.

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