Belfast’s been a decent place recently if you’re into dance music and after a little break Belsonic is back and so are the big acts. Disclosure will be performing a live set on August 24 and it’s sure to be one to remember, given how renowned they are for their shows.

Here’s a few reasons why Disclosure are worth going to:

1. Not your average siblings

Most brothers argue, fight, aggressively wrestle and do their own thing as they get older. Howard and Guy Lawrence are not your average siblings. They went on to become Disclosure,  whose two albums ‘Settle’ and ‘Caracal’ have dominated charts in the UK and are also cracking the US.

2. Instantly recognisable sound

Disclosure have an instantly recognisable sound. Howard describes it as “pop-structured songs in the style of house music and garage”. A big feature of Disclosure’s music is the amazing blends between the crisp vocals and the backing synths.



3. An ear for talent

Disclosure obviously have an ear for talent as they helped Sam Smith emerge into the limelight with ‘Latch’.

4. Free VIP tickets

That’s right, thanks to our mates at Absolut NI we’ve got two pairs of VIP tickets to give away to Disclosure gig at Belsonic!

Disclosure @ Belsonic

5. A refreshing change

Their music is beautifully produced to make atmospheric tracks. So much of dance music is a big build up with a big dirty bass drop designed to make you headbang/jump around like mad. Disclosure music makes you dance and makes you feel the songs. It just feels refreshing.

6. Blistering live sets

Disclosure are famed for their live sets in which they play drums, sing and perform everything live! Not your usual decks, laptop and press play button! They play on MIDI keyboards, drum pads, synths, and what seems like every instrument possible to create an authentic live performance.

Hear Howard and Guy show off their amazing set-up and how they produce their unreal live performances…

7. Tunes!

Here’s some of our favourite tracks we should hopefully hear at Belsonic…

Magnets (V.I.P mix) – Ft Lorde

The lead single from their album ‘Caracal’, Disclosure team up with Lorde, who burst onto the scene years ago with ‘Royals’. Lorde’s voice is just perfect for this track, the way it fades in and out of the backing music just sounds great. The line “Pretty girls don’t know the things that I know” sounds a bit mature coming from a 19 year old but her effortlessly smooth voice makes the line quite hot… a bit like the video!

Omen –  ft Sam Smith

Sam Smith was massive by this point after his brilliant solo album and he reunited with Disclosure after previous track ‘Latch’ helped put the two out there. Disclosure and Sam said they both work really well together and hopefully we can see more collaborations in future.

Check out the Dillon Francis remix for a brilliant rework of this class track!


Taken from the latest EP,  Boss is one for the dancefloor.

You and me (Flume Remix)

One of our favourite ever remixes by Australian producer, Flume.

Bang That

One to definitely get the crowd pumped up with a long, long build up and into a head popping ‘Bang that til ya pass out’. But please head bang within reason, wouldn’t want to miss rest of the show.

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