Belfast Film Festival will host an exclusive screening of cult eighties film The Lost Boys on the roof of the Oh Yeah! Centre.

The screening, for just 50 people, takes place on Thursday August 25 at 9pm.

For those who haven’t seen the film it’s the story of a gang of vampires who terrorise a small biker community. The vampires are led by an incredibly young and fantastically charismatic Kiefer Sutherland who causes fear and attraction in equal measure (probably where they got the idea for Twilight).

The film stars Corey Haim (whatever happened to him?) and Jason Patric as two brothers who’ve just moved to the town and are courted by the vampire gang.

The Lost Boys is regarded as one of the first movies to successfully bridge the horror/comedy divide, this MTV-enhanced vamp outing dared to poke fun at its heritage, tempering the scares with some big laughs. It remains a supremely watchable example of something the ’80s did right.

Tickets £8 are available via

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