Everyone loves a good heist movie. There isn’t much more satisfying in the capitalist world than a modern day Robin Hood swiping grand riches from out of the pockets of greedy bank owners and casino bosses. The heist movie is an enduring suit-clad staple of the Hollywood sphere. With so many bank-robberies occurring then, you’d think they’d look to keep things fresh? Wrong!

Ahead of the release of the latest instalment in the Fast & Furious franchise, here are some of the biggest offenders for recurring tropes in heist movies.

1. Assemble!

Any would-be con artist knows that robbing a bank requires a crack-team of professionals. The number of members required usually depends on the amount of money-grabbing sequels you hope to churn out (looking at you Ocean’s 11, 12, 13). Inevitably, when recruiting the squad, it always require a montage of introductions.

2. Side by side

The only way to announce that the whole crew is down for the job is to have a slow motion walk side-by-side whilst blaring obnoxious hip-hop tunes. The posse is here!

Fast Furious Team

3. One last job

This time is always the last. How many times have we heard that one folks? Of course, it never is the last time, as our con keeps postponing his retirement date to reprise his ways for the required number of movie sequels.

Danny Ocean Gif

4. The FBI hunter

This one usually turns up as the plot-driver for one of the sequels in a heist movie franchise. As our heroes gain steady notoriety for their misdemeanors, so to do they earn the attention of the FBI. The Federal Bureau will be coming down on them like a tonne of bricks as they look to bring our crime-lords to justice.

Dwayne Johnson Fast  Furious

5. The not-so-intelligent enforcer

Every bad guy will have one of these fellas under their employ, usually an iteration of the great Vinnie Jones. A true case of brawn over brains, these henchmen will be both ruthlessly violent and ruthlessly simple, a deadly concoction as our heroes often find out.

Vinnie Jones Bonjour Gif

6. Cold, hard cash

No such things as bank accounts or digital money in the world of the heist movie; all cash has to be in fat stack form and towered to the roof, just to emphasize how much of it there is.

7. Getaway chase

Where would the heist movie be without the staple of a getaway chase? Shorter in length that’s for sure. Without fail, someone somewhere needs to drive a vehicle at high speed while being pursued by some other guy driving some other vehicle at a similar pace.

The Italian Job Gif

8. Costumes & Disguises

How better to hide your true identity than via the means of costume? Like a poor-man’s Halloween outing, our squad of thieves will be donning fake noses, dresses and the robes of Sister Mary in order to keep themselves hidden from the law.

9. The big reveal

Just when we think our heroes have backed themselves into a corner, and that the game is well and truly up, so arrives the big reveal, swinging in like a wrecking ball of cliche to save the day. It just so happens that our would-be bank robbers wanted to get caught, and now must enter a long-winded monologue to reveal how they had already planned for this very occasion.

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