As part of the 30 Films To See Before You’re 30 series, Strand Arts Centre will be screening Se7en four times this September.

Roger Ebert describes it as “one of the darkest and most merciless films ever made in the Hollywood mainstream”.

Here’s why it’s essential viewing…

1. Good serial killer movies are hard to come by

There’s plenty of serial killer movies out there, but it’s a genre clogged with films that make you scream for all the wrong reasons. Se7en is a stand out example of what makes a good serial killer film – an easy to follow pattern of gruesome killings, a cat and mouse game and enough budget to secure the services of Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey and Gwyneth Paltrow.

2. All star cast

As we just mentioned you’ve got Pitt, Freeman, Spacey and Paltrow in their prime. And with director David Fincher at the helm he gets the best out of his leading actors.

3. Killing by numbers

The writers of Se7en struck gold when creating a killer who is targeting people he thinks represent one of the seven deadly sins. We’re all aware of the seven deadly sins, most of us could name four or five of them, but how many of us thought to use them to create of the silver screens most iconic serial killer. It seems so simple in hindsight.

4. Passing of the baton

As well as the investigation into the murders there’s a sub plot which looks at the handing over of duties from retiring police Detective William Somerset (Freeman) to newly transferred David Mills (Pitt). The dynamic between Freeman and Pitt is a fascinating one.



5. Everyone loves a movie with a twist

Most of you will have already seen Se7en and are aware of the late twist, but we’ll not spoil it for those who haven’t.

6. Rare format

These special screening will be on 35mm film so even if you’ve seen the film before, this will be a new way of watching it for almost everyone in the cinema.

7. Bargain price

You can catch Se7en in Strand Arts Centre for the bargain price of just £4 on Thursday September 8, Friday September 9 and again on Thursday September 15 and Friday September 16 at 8pm each night.

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