Returning with a second “dance” in the Mandela Hall, Explosion Soundsystem and Bass Warrior are producing a night of reggae and soundsystem culture in which two heavyweight sounds will go head to head.

IMBV-Explosion Soundsystem

From 2006, Bass Warrior Soundsystem have been making up for the lack of good Caribbean sounds in Glasgow. As they’ve continued to grow, they have promoted Caribbean music beyond the realms of Glasgow and are returning to Belfast on 24 July.

The night will feature The Mighty Bass Warrior and Crucial Roots, consisting altogether of three crews and two sounds, but only one dance.

Resident Mic Man Ras Ista Lion and MC Dangerman are also set to attend, pushing the usual style of cultural reggae, roots and dub music.

Having recently upgraded their speakers and with admission only £7, it’s a fantastic opportunity to support your local soundsystem.

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