If you have never been to a Belfast Giants game, you are missing out on a good night.

It’s also the 15th anniversary of the formation of the Belfast Giants so here’s why you should head over to the SSE Arena this Christmas to catch them in action…

1. End To End Action

If you have ever been to a Giants match you will know the games are played so fast, it really is end to end stuff. The speed which games are played at is one of the big draws of ice hockey.

You could go to watch Manchester United play their exciting brand of sideways passing and pointless possession for hundreds of pounds. In fact most parents now put on a United match for their kids around bedtime to coax them to their beds. There are no such problems at a Giants game with the puck being smashed around the rink as well as the players smashing into each other at lightning speed.


2. Fight!

It seems every game there is at least one fight. And we wouldn’t be Northern Irish if we didn’t shout from the sidelines encouraging them to start laying into each other.

The main culprit/ hero is the captain Adam Keefe who fires up the crowd every time he enters the action, if the opposition does a dirty push into a Giants player you can almost guarantee Keefe will be taking his gloves off and licking his lips. We are not endorsing fighting persay, however we do encourage passion, and you can guarantee a bit of passion every game.



3. Celebrating a goal

It’s pretty awesome when the Giants score with the big horn going off and the songs that accompanies every Giants goal being ‘The Belle Of Belfast City’ and ‘Song 2’ by Blur with the big woooohoooooo.

Craig Peacock of the Belfast Giants celebrates scoring the fifth gaol against the Sheffield Steelers

4. Half Time

Half time is usually the period where everybody can go for a pint, get something to eat, or make a toilet stop. However at a Giants game there is entertainment which makes you want to hold in that bit longer. And it’s worth wetting your jeans over.

I’ve yet to be lucky enough to catch a Subway from the Subway gun, that is shot into the crowd for the lucky winner. I can’t wait for the day where a juicy, delicious six-incher is thrown into my face.

There’s also an entertaining Boojum Burrito challenge where contestants have to run up and down the rink grabbing ingredients to make their Burrito. The winner is the person who makes it first and it’s funny to watch them fall over in the process. You can also buy a puck pre-match, and at half time you have the chance to win a prize by throwing your puck into the rink… the closest to the centre circle wins! Just try not to hit any people in the process.


5. Christmas Idea

Instead of handing someone a  gift card this Christmas, hand them a Giants ticket.Don’t be like every other boyfriend who gets their girlfriend a Michael Kors watch or a Pandora ring(not saying it’s a bad idea!) but give her some memories. And for the girlfriends out there..we don’t need a 17th aftershave to gather dust in our rooms. It’s a great present to give as it almost guarantees a great fun night out and a chance to explore Belfast before the match. Going for a big feed in the city,bit of shopping then a walk over to see the Giants game is a great way to spend your Christmas break if you ask me. I’ll definitely be heading to a game over Christmas.


To buy tickets visit SSE Arena or visit the Giants website at Belfast Giants

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