BELFAST playwright Rosemary Jenkinson has taken the serious issue of the NHS crisis and turned it into a humorous drama.

Using her own experiences Stitched Up is an entertaining satirical drama about the current crisis within the NHS.

Surgeon Aidan is reaching meltdown with his career while his wife Kate is preoccupied with her own campaign to remove the peace walls around Belfast and the arrival of rock star Bono to the city.

But one night, when Aidan is alone, he is forced to make a life-or-death decision that could change everything.

Richard Clements, Roisin Gallagher and Darren Franklin who star in Stitched Up

Richard Clements, Roisin Gallagher and Darren Franklin who star in Stitched Up

Produced by the c21 Theatre Company and described as a dark, edgy and funny three-hander the play’s intention is to look at how difficult it is to be moral in contemporary society.

Running from Tuesday February 17 to Saturday February 21 at the Lyric Theatre Rosemary said she wanted Stitched Up to “create a dramatic story and bring it to life on stage, whilst highlighting some of our very own Northern Irish idiosyncrasies and laugh at them, rather than cry”.

The production will be directed by c21 co-founder Stephen Kelly in his directorial debut and will star Richard Clements (The Fall), Roisin Gallagher (The Fall, BBC’s Doctors) and Darren Franklin.

Stephen said: “The production while it is funny is also quite dramatic. There are a few plot twists that took me by surprise when I first read the script, it really made me want to take on the directing role for the play..

Tickets for c21 Theatre Company’s Stitched Up at the Lyric Theatre are (Tuesday February 17 to Saturday February 21) are £12 and £15 and on sale now at the Lyric Theatre box office 028 9038 1081 or online via   For Northern Ireland tour dates see below.


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