They say comedy is subjective. Or at least that what they say to justify people that aren’t funny.

Rest assured there’s laughter aplenty to be gained by checking out these clips of the 6 funniest people in Belfast.

1. Shane Todd

Comedy Shane Todd

Shane Todd is blessed not only with boyish good looks, but the ability to make people laugh with what looks like very little effort. He’s a master of character-based lampoonery as well as one of the slickest stand ups to come out of Belfast in many, many years.

2. Colin Murphy

Comedy Colin Murphy

An elder statesman of the comedy scene in Northern Ireland even though he’s not that old, Colin is a regular on stage on these shores despite his TV commitments over the years. A highly respected funnyman, we’d go as far as saying Colin Murphy is the marker for every comedian to take to the stage here for well over a decade.

3. Colin Geddis

Comedy Colin Geddis

Colin burst onto the local scene thanks to his comic creation Barry ‘The Blender’ Henderson. Beyond his viral videos, Colin can generate laughs about pretty much any subject under the sun evidenced by his regular podcasts. When interviewed for the My Belfast section of belfastvibe and asked to describe Belfast in three words, Colin came up with our favourite answer to date – “S**t but good.”

4. Jake O’Kane

Comedy Jake O'Kane

As if Northern Ireland politics weren’t funny enough, Jake heaps hilarity atop hilarity with his observations of the goings on at Stormont. While he’s best satirising our political landscape he’s also a keen observer of what makes NI folk tick… and more importantly, laugh.

5. Tim McGarry

Comedy Tim McGarry

As part of the Hole In The Wall Gang Tim is best known for his role as Da in Give Ma Head Peace. While he’s comfortable with bawdy comedy, his intelligent, dry wit has allowed him to branch into the world of panel shows and political segways.

6. Micky Bartlett

Comedy Micky Bartlett

Micky is a regular fixture in Belfast at comedy nights across the city. His observational brand of humour makes him a hit with audiences of all ages, provided they don’t mind swearing. Earlier this year he told belfastvibe: “My dad reaches for his inhaler at the mention of me on stage and mum would rather I’d stuck to the civil service.”

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