Tory Gillespie will preview her new stand up show in Belfast’s Black Box on Monday July 18 before taking it to the Edinburgh Festival.

The show is called ‘Baby Madness Is A Real Disease’ is the follow up to Ulster Loves Me in which the Northern Irish born comedian attempted to win over homophobes with comedy.

In her new show she tackles the newly discovered disease ‘Baby Madness’. It is on the rise, and Tory wants to do something about it. But what? Stop the spread or succumb to the gooey-eyed monster? How do you tackle an epidemic of cuteness?! Join Tory for an evening of pondering, procrastinating and stand-up comedy.

“I’ll be discussing all aspect of baby making, avoiding baby making, and general attitudes towards embarrassing, awkward or emotionally-loaded things,” said Tory.


Tory is from North Down and lived in Northern Ireland until she was 18.

She said: “My family is a mix of NI, ROI and Serbia and now I live in London, so my accent is all over the place.  It’s possible that I share too much of my personal life in my show, but if it’s funny, it goes in.”

Tickets for her show in The Black Box are available via

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