After just two series, BBC One’s pulling the plug on Atlantis, much to the disappointment of fans.

But it’s not the first programme to meet such a fate.

When it was announced at the start of the year that family fantasy series Atlantis was to be axed after just two series, fans and cast members alike were up in arms.

TV Atlantis 093033Sarah Parish, who plays disgraced queen Pasiphae, was “sad”; co-creator Johnny Capps found the axing “unfair”; leading man Jack Donnelly was “gutted” and, last but by no means least, the show’s fans took to Twitter to vent their grievances about the cancellation.

Despite being the BBC’s most successful Saturday night drama launch since Robin Hood back in 2006, and the ensuing uproar at its shelving, the final episode will air on Saturday, May 23.

The Beeb cited the need to bring in fresh shows, as the reason for the axe – but the cast shouldn’t feel too bruised about Atlantis’ fate.

After all, as these TV cancellations prove, they’re in good company…


Even the draw of TV favourites James Nesbitt and Sarah Parish wasn’t enough to save ITV medical drama Monroe from the axe.
Starring Nesbitt as the titular maverick neurosurgeon, Monroe was cancelled after two series, with the final episode airing in 2012, to make room in the schedules for new drama talent.

INBV-TV Monroe


High concept conspiracy thriller Utopia was given the chop by Channel 4 late last year, also after just two series.
Despite rave reviews from TV critics, and a planned US remake from acclaimed director David Fincher, the show failed to pull in big audiences, instead attracting a cult status among those who watched it.
It was eventually scrapped to fund other projects.

INBV-TV Utopia


Set in the kitchen of a country house hotel, 2010 comedy Whites featured Alan Davies, Darren Boyd, Isy Suttie and Katherine Parkinson.
After just one series, the plug was pulled, prompting an immediate online petition.
Davies is still smarting from the cancellation – which he reportedly found out about via email – and has been vocal in his “disappointment” at the decision.

INBV-TV Whites_(TV_series)


Ben Whishaw, Romola Garai and Dominic West topped the bill in BBC Two’s glossy Fifties newsroom-based drama The Hour, which ran from 2011-2012.
The series picked up a string of Bafta nominations, and after being shown in the US, received two Golden Globe nods.
Yet despite the award nominations, like many others before it, The Hour was culled to free up cash.

INBV-TV The Hour


Back in the mid-Noughties, if there was one series that was consistently punching above its weight it was BBC Three’s Pulling.
Starring a then relatively unknown Sharon Horgan (who co-wrote it along with Utopia writer Dennis Kelly), plus Rebekah Staton and Tanya Franks, Pulling was whip-smart and painfully funny, offering in its three leading ladies a perfect antidote to the usual insipid two-dimensional female characters seen on screen.
Sadly, in 2009, after two series and one special, the show was cancelled.

INBV-TV Pulling


After two series on BBC One, Victorian drama Ripper Street was axed due to low viewing figures and to clear some space in the schedules for new shows.
Fans rallied and blamed the channel’s decision to move the programme from a Sunday to a Monday night for the dwindling viewing numbers.
Unlike most cancellations, this story actually has a happy ending, and after a huge fan-led petition, Amazon Prime funded the third season, which will ironically be shown on the BBC at a later date, and a further two series have just been announced.

INBV-TV Ripper Street


Fellow Victorian drama The Paradise had its wings clipped after a two-year run on BBC One, from 2012-2013.
Set in a pioneering department store up North, the series was seen as a direct competitor for ITV’s flashy Mr Selfridge, with a much-hyped ratings war declared between the channels.
Once again, the need to invest in new programmes was cited as the reason for the series being shelved.

INBV-TV Paradise


Medical drama Breathless had just a single series on ITV in 2013 before it was pulled. Starring Jack Davenport and Zoe Boyle, it followed the lives of a group of doctors and nurses working in a London hospital in the Sixties.
Despite the axing, Boyle remained chipper, calling her involvement in the show an “amazing experience”, before adding she was glad the series existed as a “little brief moment in time”.

INBV-TV Breathless


Gory ITV drama Whitechapel met a grisly fate when it was chopped after four series back in 2013.
Show star Rupert Penry-Jones took to Twitter to tell fans about the axing, later saying he was “disappointed” by the cancellation and the way it left the series – and presumably its fans – with too many unanswered questions.

INBV-TV Whitechapel

The final episode of Atlantis is on BBC One on Saturday, May 23

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