"What are we coming to?", 2014, Oil on Canvas, 58x42cm, £300

“What are we coming to?”, 2014, Oil on Canvas, 58x42cm, £300

Up and coming Belfast artist Marc Dunlop was still completing his Fine Art degree at the University of Ulster when he was approached by an employee from Randox with a fantastic opportunity.

Marc said: “They were hoping that I would be interested in doing a commission for the Randox group as the TV series ‘The Fall’ was filming over the next couple of weeks on one of their premises and they wished to use the painting I created as a memento for the experience.”

The commission took three to four months.

He continued: “Photo-realism was something I hadn’t attempted before, so with this piece there was a lot of trial and error to becoming more experienced with it.”

“I visited The Fall set two to three weeks after I was briefed on what they wanted. I went to the set to take pictures and talk with the employee from Randox who wanted the piece done. After walking around the set, with the Marketing Manager, we decided to use this particular scene.”

“The Marketing Manager from Randox requested that it look like a busy set, unfortunately everyone was inside the building filming and there were several production staff members at this particular location so as soon as he left I continued to take pictures for an hour of everyone that walked past that set. I then photo-shopped all of the pictures I took to make it look like a busy set.”

"It's the freakiest show.", 2014, Oil on Canvas, 28.5x20cm, £150

It’s the freakiest show, 2014, Oil on Canvas, 28.5x20cm, £150

Marc, who has completed both a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, a HND degree, as well as his Fine Art Degree has now been working at the Belfast Print Workshop since November 2014.

“I was later awarded membership in the Belfast Print Workshop, there I was provided further techniques and courses in Photo-Polymer Intaglio and Etching.”

“Each human lives in a unique world different from those inhabited and experienced by others.”, 2015, Photo Intaglio, £40.

Each human lives in a unique world different from those inhabited and experienced by others, 2015, Photo Intaglio, £40.

“The photo intaglio process allowed me to add painterly techniques gained from my qualifications into the photo intaglio process as taught to me by the workshop manager and members. After completing the courses provided, I was asked to be included in the graduate exhibition.”

“Most of my inspiration comes from the world of film, graphic novels, magazines and books. I’m interested in a lot of science fiction/ dystopian films and graphic novels, which is reflected in my prints and paintings.”

"Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong.", 2014, Oil on Canvas, 50x40cm, £150

Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong, 2014, Oil on Canvas, 50x40cm, £150

“One of the main artists that admire is Justin Mortimer in terms of creating a painting, which are devised by collaging beforehand using imagery sourced from different areas including history, surgery books, film and Google imagery. Which I have incorporated into my own work.

“My own initial interest with Mortimer lies with their monochromatic colour scheme closely resembling muted colour palettes from the films I’m interested in.”

"Jump, and you’ll find out how to unfold your wings as you fall.” 2015, Photo Intaglio, £40.

Jump, and you’ll find out how to unfold your wings as you fall, 2015, Photo Intaglio, £40.

Marc is continuing to make a massive splash in the local art scene, with yet another successful exhibition under his belt.

Entitled Playing of Minds it was in the gallery PS2 and lasted from Monday July 6 to Saturday July 18 as part of a Belfast Print Workshops, also featuring Stephanie Harper.

Those interested in purchasing any of these fantastic pieces featured can can contact Marc Dunlop via his email (marcdunlop@outlook.com), or via his official site which contains further extensive galleries of his dynamic work.

Marc shares a secret…

How I create a painting/print:

– I would trace over elements of figures and obscure objects within these scenes, using different layers of tracing paper.
– I could then defy the images former identity simply by rotating it reversing it, and to basically experiment compositionally in a surreal way.
– I then transferred these test pieces into drawings, paintings and prints, I was capable of bringing a degree of control in the precision of each piece.


Marc Dunlop certainly looks to be an artist with an extremely promising career in front of him. Having already established himself within his circles with a fantastic series of commissions and well-received exhibitions, this is definitely one Belfast artist to look out for. With his excellent far-reaching talent, creativity and diversity, he is sure to quickly dominate Belfast’s ever-growing art-scene.

"Abstract Landscape 2", 2014, 40x50cm, Oil on Canvas, £100

“Abstract Landscape 2”, 2014, 40x50cm, Oil on Canvas, £100

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