The famous buoys in front of the Art College in Belfast were given a recent makeover.

The culprits were Mentalgassi, an enthusiastic street art trio from Berlin, who were in Northern Ireland as part of the 2015 Belfast Photo Festival.

The trio of friends merge their passion for photography with eye-catching graffiti and apply it to the built environment to create unique, ambient street art.

Mentalgassi at work in Belfast

Mentalgassi at work in Belfast

At Buoy Park in front of the Art College they turned the landmarks buoys into an eye-catching exhibition.

Taking a fun twist on the purpose of a buoy the trio hired a full size swimming pool and using the latest in photography equipment they developed a series of original photographs showing people submerged under water.

They took these unusual photographic portraits and applied the printed imagery to the buoys, turning them into enormous three-dimensional heads.

Belfast Photo Festival runs until June 30.

Visit for more information on the Mentalgassi project and a full programme of events.

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