From the mind of visionary ideologue Om Lekha and the pen of master illuminator Blinky 4 comes their first comic book collaboration, The Selfish Dream.

The Selfish Dream is not your average comic book, it’s a visual polemic seeding a toxic meme in the collective dreamscape masquerading as a mechanistic order; and it’s fun.

The Selfish Dream will make an ideal gift for friends and family members, if they are decadent, fond of heresy or psi-curious, in other words ‘up for it’. It is not suitable for children – they’ve already got the message.


Through bold storytelling and fine draughtmanship, The Selfish Dream recalls British golden age comics like the Beano and Dandy while taking on the biological determinist account of life itself through its most powerful advocate. Dawkins’ life is shown through his own terms of reference, a simple tale of the biological everyman, from conception to death.

“It’s an unusual creation, dealing with big themes central to the human condition, but in a pop-cultural format,” said Om.

Both Om and Blinky 4 are Belfast based, but have presented work internationally as artists, and Om also as a writer, public speaker, and impresario.

Blinky 4 has developed the comic’s artwork into an exhibition, which is currently showing throughout July at the Black Box on Hill Street in Belfast.

tsd exhibition

The comic itself will be launched on Thursday July 21 at the Black Box as part of a themed evening, with music by Jeff Doherty and Stuart Watson, and the ‘Skull’ live drawing event by Blinky 4. The format is that people request the artist to draw something on the spot, usually mind-bending or absurd.

The comic is selling at a fiver a pop and you can buy a copy on the night or online at Good Press

For the extra curious there is also a twitter feed at The Selfish Dream

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