What did you want to be when you grew up?

The chances are (unless you got very lucky) you’re probably not doing it for a living now.  Only the select few get to play professional football, go into space or headline the main stage at Glastonbury.

But there are some awesome jobs out there that don’t rely on one-in- a-million natural attributes or an incredible musical talent.

Here’s 12 of the world’s most awesome jobs – they may not make you millions, but you’ll definitely be daydreaming about whilst sat behind your desk!

1. Professional Ice-Cream Taster

We’ve already sank over 200 million gallons of ice-cream


2. Disney Princess Face Character

The only sad part is – our career would be over at 27!


3. Rollercoaster Tester

They do say the best things in life are free


4. Senior Lego Sculptor

Rome wasn’t built in a day


5. Dog Surfing Coach

It doesn’t mention YOU have to be able to swim!


6. Chocolate Tester

Finally, a ‘Snaccident’ you can get paid for!


7. Waterslide Tester

Finally, a job our CV would be perfect for!


8. Toy Tester

If this was paid, we’d quit tomorrow!


9. Rollercoaster Engineer

WHY didn’t we do an engineering degree?!


10. Island Keeper

The only thing that would make this island any better would be Leo himself


11. Seaworld Animal Trainer

Simply amazing


12. Senior Scuba Instructor

NB: Dive Theory Knowledge is not QUITE the same as our Drive Theory!


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