Weddings can bring out both the best and worst in would-be brides but just how likely are you to turn into white dress-wearing monster on the run up to your big day?

A new survey and flowchart have calculated how likely you are to turn into Bridezilla in the run up to your wedding day.

Surveying 500 engaged women from across the UK, the questionnaire aimed to discover just what it is that makes many women lose their heads when they’re planning their big day.

And it seems like Northern Irish women scored pretty highly in the poll – with 75% of Brides-to-be from NI saying they “Wouldn’t dare trust their groom to organise their entire wedding.” Which must be why we’re so seldom picked for ‘Don’t Tell The Bride.’

Meanwhile, half of Brides-to-be from Northern Ireland would rather compromise on the venue, than their wedding dress!

Some findings were a little lower though, with just over 1/3 of Northern Irish Brides-to-be admitting they would be ‘extremely annoyed if someone wore white to their wedding’ and that they ‘disagree’ with their partner on wedding budgets.

But above all else, it seems we’re romantics at heart – as 50% of local brides-to-be set up a wedding Pinterest board 18 months before they even got engaged!


How do you think you would do if it were your big day coming up? Would you be a Zen master going with the flow or will you turn into a fire breathing, city destroying Bridezilla?



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