We’ve known for a long time that ice-cream makes us feel better when we’re down in the dumps.

And now, it’s been scientifically proven that ice-cream is the perfect post breakup treat. Not that we’ve ever needed an excuse for a Morelli’s…

1. Sweet Flavours


People in a state of high emotion are 15% better able to detect sweet flavours.

2. Creative Thinking


Ice cream stimulates creative thinking… time to start planning a happy new life!

3. Lessen Stress


It helps lessen the negative effects of stress (the sucrose in sugar decreases the activity in the areas of the brain responsible for stress).

4. Happy Hormones


Ice cream helps the body to produce more happy hormones.

5. Tranquilliser


Milk is a natural tranquilliser which will help the body relax.

6. Energy


Ice cream provides the body with lots of energy because of the protein and carbohydrates.

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