Northern Ireland has been named as the most trusting region in the UK with the highest proportion of people feeling they belonged to their neighbourhood.

Around 73% of people in the region reported that most people in their area can be trusted, compared with 56% of people in London.

Scotland and Wales had the next highest proportion of people feeling that they belong to their neighbourhood (69% and 67% respectively) and that others around their local area are willing to help their neighbours.

London and the East Midlands had the lowest proportion of people feeling that they belong to their neighbourhood (59% and 61%).

There is also significant differences between town and country. People living in rural areas were more likely to think that people they live close to can be trusted than people living in urban areas (78% compared with 61%).


The latest Office for National Statistics’ ‘Social Capital’ figures are based on data from the ongoing Understanding Society survey, also examined the role of factors such as age, ethnicity, economic activity and socio-economic status in explaining any differences.

Retired teacher Tom Cassidy, from Belfast, said he was unsurprised by the findings – given the effects The Troubles have had on the country.

“We are genuinely more caring!” he said. “We’ve been through so much [in recent years] that we want to pass on only the good things and memories. Also, I’ve not yet met a senior citizen who envies the pressures young people are under, especially those aged 18-30.”


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