The early stages of most relationships these days are often filled with dates.

Then, as you move forward, there’s the slump of sitting at home watching TV and passing it off as a romantic evening.

But dating is all about making memories with your loved one.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone special, here are some dating ideas:

1. Go For A Walk

Stroll around the Botanic Gardens amongst the flowers and wildlife.
On a summer’s day there’s nothing better than relaxing under one of the trees and watching the world go by from this peaceful setting.
The surroundings of Stormont Estate also offer tranquil walks, nature trails and great views.
For an evening stroll try Helen’s Bay Beach at sunset (and bring a blanket!).

IMBV-Helen's Bay Beach

2. Go Out For Dinner

Pass an evening with food and conversation on the typical dinner date.
Get out of your comfort zone by ordering a new dish and mix it up by trying an independent place with a charismatic atmosphere like The Ginger Bistro or Shu restaurant.


3. Go Out For A Drink

Head to The Merchant for a drink or try new rooftop bar, The Perch.
Both offer relaxed atmospheres and unique stylistic settings.
The new environment will add excitement to simply sitting and talking.

IMBV-The Perch

4. See A Performance

Whether it’s a concert at The Limelight or a play at The Grand Opera House, a performance will allow you to enjoy mutual interests and share opinions.
If you’d like seeing it anyway, you’ll enjoy it even more with someone you care about.

IMBV-The Limelight

5. Do Something Cultural

Connect with one another through your shared love of art at The MAC or history at The Titanic Museum.
Surrounded by so much inspiration, you might discover new elements to your loved one’s personality.

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