New research says prenuptial agreements are no longer just for celebrities and the super rich.

And according to the figures more than half of under-35s see the agreements as a “completely normal” consideration when it comes to getting married and a third said they would happily sign one.

The top reason respondents gave for signing one was to protect their assets or those of their parents but many also said they didn’t want to look like a “money grabber”.

Nearly half said they thought prenups were quite common these days and 62 per cent said they wouldn’t be offended if they were asked to sign one.

The research was commissioned by family law specialists Slater and Gordon who have seen an increase in the demand for prenuptial agreements year on year.

Other reasons given for considering a prenup were because their partner wasn’t very good with money or because they had lost money and assets in a relationship previously and wouldn’t want it to happen again.

Many also said that out of principle they wouldn’t want their partner’s money or assets if they were to split up.

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