We love a fry in this country, so we do.

Nothing beats a big juicy fry on a Saturday/Sunday morning to ease the ills of the night before. So what makes a perfect Ulster Fry?

Jake Williamson ranks the eight most vital ingredients in his Ulster Fry…

1. Bacon


No fry without bacon. Bacon doesn’t need an explanation to why it should be on this list. Simply one of the most important things ever made, in between the wheel and Boojum burritos.

2. Keep that egg for dippin’


I use eggs primarily for dipping my toast soldiers in the yolk. Add salt and pepper to make the yolk even nicer.  Call me a fry racist, but I just don’t like the mixture of beans with egg!

3. Shrooms


Mushrooms are essential for my perfect fry. I’d recommend British sourced mushrooms, as those ones from Amsterdam are a bit different from ours (in my experience).

4. Sausages

sausages cooking on grill pan

A few lovely fried/grilled pork sausages in there with a bit of HP sauce as well. Of course it’s best to get jazzy sausages from the butchers like pork and leek, but you also can’t go wrong with a pack of Denny’s either.

5. ‘Spudato’ Bread/Soda Bread


Potato Bread and Soda Bread are a great duo. Like the Jenner sisters, it’s nice to wake up to one of each on your table.



Tomatoes (grilled or fried) are really nice with bacon on the soda bread. Or just on their own.

7. Beans


As I’m against the cross contamination of beans and eggs, I like to reserve a wee corner in my plate for beans, then I would mix in with the sausages. Also class with a whack of toast.

 8. Black Pudding – The Wildcard? 


Black pudding is a favourite for some. I think it’s dead on, but just what the heck is it? Well it’s apparently a mixture of onions, pork fat, oatmeal, flavourings and pig’s blood. Proper Food Porn material there. Originates unsurprisingly from Scotland, and they are always eating weird stuff like haggis and deep fried Mars bars. I’m not sure William Wallace thought of this bright future when he shouted “They’ll never take our freedom!” in Braveheart.

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