The Portrush Deli Company is quickly becoming renowned for its delicious food, seasonal menu and amazingly smooth coffee.

And rightfully so.

Boasting a menu influenced by tastes all over the world, this is the only place in Portrush you can grab a selection of fresh meats from the deli, pop in for a gourmet sandwich, or enjoy a glass of wine complete with delicious sharing platter accompanied by breathtaking views of the Atlantic. All in one place.

We chatted to owner of the delightfully quaint deli, Cara O’Donovan, who explained:

“We make the best of what each country has to offer in terms of food; from Ireland to Spain, to France – and then just bring it together in a delicious fusion!


“We do nice seafood platters and cheese boards as well as a stew and soup of the day.

“We’re very much known for our platters, soups, stews, sandwiches and panini’s as opposed to baked goods. But it’s all with a twist!

“There is nowhere around us that serves the same food as we do. We’re completely niche, so whilst we do a Caesar Salad – we also have an Irish beetroot and Goat’s Cheese.

“I’ve just always loved food and wanted to serve people food that they want to eat!


“We serve fresh local food, as well as importing food from the continent in order to supply a fresh, varied, authentic deli.”

Refreshingly, despite having just opened eight months ago, Cara was determined to keep the price-point low.

“We’re extremely competitive. But it’s because when I was setting the prices, I was very, very aware that times are hard for people.

“People don’t have huge amounts of money at the moment. Especially young families and couples. And I didn’t want to price anybody out of the market.

“I feel that everybody deserves to be able to get good, fresh food made to order, prepared from scratch.”

It’s also BYOB with no corkage price, so Cara explains that people love coming down with a nice bottle of wine and relaxing with a seafood platter!

“It’s cosy and intimate, with only eight seats – so we could fill it 10 times over! But it’s such a nice, relaxing atmosphere!”


“We also offer a seasonal menu, so whereas we serve fresh delicious salads for example during the Summer, we’ve just changed to our Autumn/ Winter menu which boasts cosy, warming foods from the likes of your Beef Bourguignon, Irish Stew and Soup of the Day.

“We’re based beside the Atlantic – so when the wind comes in, it really comes in! So you need something comforting to warm you up!”


Happily, Cara tells us she has plans to expand into Belfast in the near future:

“I would ultimately like to expand into Belfast within the next couple of years, bringing the same ethos of The Portrush Deli to Belfast. It will just be something a little bit different.

“We’ve had a look at properties, and are definitely hoping to come to the city centre soon.”

Boasting 100% five-star reviews in the time it’s been open since February, it should come as no surprise that the Portrush Deli ensures it caters for all diets and food allergies, from Gluten Free to Dairy Free, Vegetarian and Vegan.

“We serve food for everybody. It’s not mass produced, it’s different from the food you’ll get in the supermarkets.

“You don’t need to be a certain ‘type’ of person to come here. We’re for everybody! The deli works so well because we deliver normal food done well!”


The Portrush Deli is also available for outside catering, from business lunches, dinner parties, weddings and Christenings.

The deli is open 10am – 4pm Monday – Thursday, and 10am – 5pm at the weekend during the Winter.

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