Four Star Pizza has created a mouth-watering meal deal called ‘The Cure’ as a way of coping with hangovers.

It consists of a 14” pizza with up to three toppings, two regular sides, two cookies, two dips and two cans of soft drink, all for £16.

It comes after the company has just surveyed over 500 people from Northern Ireland about the causes, cures, cravings and cringe moments people associate with hangovers.

Research highlights

50% of people admit they have woken up with regrets over the previous night’s antics

38% cite mixing drinks as the biggest cause of horrific hangovers

58% say their bank balances are the most likely cause of a non-alcohol related hangover feeling

83% favour pizza as their favourite hangover food

Dodgy photos on social media is the biggest trigger of the ‘Fear’ for one third of people from NI

It’s September and thousands of college students are firmly in the throes of another year of lectures, exams, partying – and horrendous hangovers! A new survey of 500 people from Northern Ireland, commissioned by Four Star Pizza, the home of honest pizza, revealed that the joy of independent living can rapidly wear off following a night of over indulgence, with 68% saying their first thought when they waking up hungover is ‘I’m never drinking again!’.


I’m never drinking again!

The Causes & The Fear

When it comes to what led them to this headachy state of being, a huge 38% cite mixing wine and spirits as the biggest reason for horrific hangovers, with 34% calling out mixing beer and spirits as the most lethal cause. 11% said mixing wine and beer was the cause of their hangover and a shaken and stirred, 6% blamed cocktails.

When asked about the dreaded ‘Fear’ which often manifests itself as a mix of regret, anxiety and uneasiness about personal commitments the morning after a hangover, 57% said they definitely experienced it while a low 15% said they didn’t at all!

One third of people surveyed said that discovering photos of themselves in full party mode on social media was the biggest trigger of The Fear, and a further 31% admitted that seeing the damage they had done to their bank balance the previous night was what triggered it most.

The Cures

A hungry 59% said that reheating and eating leftover pizza from the night before was part of their hangover morning routine and a sleepy 46% said pulling the covers over their heads and remaining in bed until 1pm was theirs.

25% of people like to kick off their hungover morning with an Ulster Fry and 20% waste no time in replenishing their immune system with a handful of vitamins and painkillers.

The Cravings & The Four Star Pizza Cure Meal Deal

As the day progresses, people’s biggest craving was pizza being delivered right to their doorstep with almost three quarters naming it as their number one need. Only a small 10% craved quietness and solitude whilst a delicate 7% craved snuggles from a loved one.

It comes as no surprise that when looking for that ultimate ‘cure’ for pesky hangover feelings pizza came out on top, with a huge 83% of our survey group saying that it was their favourite hangover meal, followed by a Chinese takeaway at 10%.

To answer their demands, Four Star Pizza has created a mouth-watering meal deal called ‘The Cure’ which includes a 14” Pizza with up to three toppings, two regular sides, two cookies, two dips, two cans of soft drinks all for an amazing £16.


Hangover be gone!

Cringe-Worthy Moments

Recovering from the physical symptoms of a hangover can often be made that much more difficult once the cringe-inducing memories from the night before start flooding back.

Of the people surveyed, 59% said they sometimes had regrets over the previous night’s antics while 29% said it’s unlikely they would tell a white lie to a loved one about what they got up to the night before.

Only a very lucky 11% of people from Northern Ireland were able to say that they have never woken up with serious regrets from the previous night.

Brian Clarke of Four Star Pizza said: “We at Four Star Pizza understand that a truly brilliant night out on the town with friends can often come at terrible price the next morning. We urge everyone to drink responsibly, but are realists to the fact that hangovers do occur from time to time. The research confirmed our suspicions that pizza is the ultimate hangover craving and so it makes perfect sense that we cater to our customers’ needs with our appropriately titled meal deal ‘The Cure’. We are committed to helping those unfortunate enough to suffer with hangovers – one pizza at a time!”

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