Urban Express is the new grab and go service aimed at providing the best local products to lunchtime consumers who are pressed for time.

They’re based in Forsythe House in Cromac Square, just around the corner from Andrew Mulvenna Hair and beside St George’s Market.

They’re open from 7.30am to 4pm and they’re hoping to sort out the breakfast and lunchtime needs of as many nearby office workers as possible.

Here’s what to expect…

Grab and go service

Urban sandwiches

Urban Express are aiming to offer a grab and go service with high quality local products and friendly and responsive service. Their typical customer is the office worker hence the grab and go approach and speedy but friendly service with minimum wait time. However all comers will be made more than welcome.

Local products

All of their products are crafted in Northern Ireland with sandwiches coming from The Streat, treats and traybakes coming from French Village, coffee from Bailies and tea from Suki. The only exception is their chocolate, which they believe was worth travelling over the border for. It comes from Skellig (the island where the final scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens was filmed)

Yvonne Ridley told belfastvibe: “We surveyed our customers before we settled on our product range and we will continue to consult with them on a daily basis to ensure we are getting things right. We operate in a high quality, efficient manner and so have chosen suppliers who are predominately local to the Belfast and surrounding areas and who operate on the same principles as ourselves.”

Coffee worth travelling for


The Bailies coffee blend, while not unique to Urban Express is unique to the location, with no-one in the vicinity offering the same blend.

Yvonne said: “We have chosen something medium strong with a full flavour and for those who want something with more of a kick, our filter coffee really delivers on that front.”

The team


Heather, Jim, Yvonne and Will

Jim Morrison, the owner has worked in a variety of areas over the years from corporate to local business, Heather Morrison his daughter has a background working in coffee, Will Ridley has just finished college having done courses in film and media hence his role in the social media, and Yvonne Ridley has a background in operations management, customer service and HR.

Striking artwork

Urban Express

The artwork was done by James Morrison (Jim’s son) who has a background in web development, animation, graphics etc.

Special offers

Urban Express will be doing a daily special as well as a meal deal. Their loyalty cards are up and running and they will be offering discounts to their nearest offices.



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