When it comes to eating, we’re all guilty of those times when our eyes are bigger than our bellies.

We breeze into these All You Can Eat joints full of enthusiasm only to be defeated by eating too many salty appetisers.

However, sometimes, just sometimes, we’re in the zone and we can see the restaurant owner sweating as we make our seventh visit to the buffet.

If you’re in such a mood here are 6 places worth checking out for those people living in the Belfast area…


Victoria Square


The best thing about Cosmo is that you’re not limited to one type of cuisine. You can almost literally eat your way around the world. Plus the food is cooked in small batches to keep it fresh and appetising. Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

Tony Romas

25/27 University Rd

Tony Roma's

Get your slab on every Monday from 4.30pm with the most famous ribs in the world courtesy of Mr Roma. The All You Can Eat deal costs £17.95.

China China

1 University Street

China China

China China – so good they named it twice, though it causes havoc with the spelling and grammar check. Open seven days a week, it costs £5.99 from 12-5pm, £7.99 from 5-7pm and £9.99 from 7pm to close. If you’re getting a takeaway it costs £3.99 – but the lid MUST close!

Makhula 5

Lisburn Multiplex and Bloomfield Road South, Bangor

Makhula 5

Okay, so we’ve made a short trip outside Belfast to satisfy our All You Can Eat needs, but Makhula 5 is worth the journey. Every Wednesday you can accept the challenge to eat as many ribs ‘n’ wings as you can, served with a choice of side. It’ll cost you £16.95.

Mandarin Buffet

Cityside Retail Park


You have to admit, Chinese food makes for a great buffets. We were saddened to learn of the closure of China Buffet King at Victoria Square, but there’s plenty of reasons to be cheerful if you make the trip to the retail park formerly known as Yorkgate.

Pizza Hut

Locations throughout Belfast



The All You Can Eat buffet is a lunchtime only deal as they wrongly assume that people only stuff their faces at night. Some serious damage can be done here, but the afternoon back at work is a write-off.

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