Food and drink trends have eaten up the internet in the last year, from vegan alternatives to decadent treats. Here’s some we hope will make a debut in Belfast this year.


Photo: Redeye Grill, NYC

Redeye Grill, NYC

The hybrid sushi-burger has hit social media with a bang in 2016. Restaurants have substituted the traditional hamburger with smoked salmon, tuna, and mackerel; sliced between two “burger baps” made from sticky sushi rice. The burger is garnished with pickle, ginger and avocado and comes with an array of toppings, including soy and mayo.

The sushi burger originated on the food blog So Beautifully Raw, made with avocado and shredded jackfruit. Originally posted on Instagram as an vegan experiment, the burger has now been adapted for fish and sushi lovers over the world.


Photo: 10below, NYC

10Below NYC

Videos of skilled workers “rolling” ice cream went viral late last year, when 10Below NYC opened in late 2015. They introduced their newest dessert-craze to Instagram, which has since exploded onto the food trend.

The dessert is made by pouring liquid ice cream onto a cold sheet container, while fruit and chocolate is smashed onto the mixture. The liquid is rolled while it freezes, and topped with your choice of fruit, wafers, chocolates, or even a toasted marshmallow.

It’s fun, it’s versatile, and it’s perfect for a summer day.


Molly Bakes, London

Molly Bakes London

If you can’t decide between a milkshake, a cookie, a brownie, and ice-cream, then the freak shake is exactly what you need. Starting with a glass jar, lined with sauce, the milkshake is topped with crazy flavour combinations and desserts.

Some popular toppings include cookies and cream, brownie batter, and cookie dough with ice cream. The end product is a massive combination of cake, milk, and all things sweet.


Photo: Spoon University

Spoon University

Also dubbed The Dirty Cookie, this twist on a traditional supper of milk and cookies adds a little novelty. The cookie shot is lined with chocolate and served with a glass of milk to enjoy as a shot, or two.

We wouldn’t refuse a milky shot, or a morning coffee in one of these.


Photo: Tossed, Malysia

Tossed Malysia

After it went viral on YouTube, the omurice dish has sparked an online debate. The smooth omelette capsule, served over a bed of brown rice, is slowly sliced to reveal scrambled eggs inside.

The soft, gooey egg may turn your stomach, but the skill in making one of these dishes is impressive. Cooked on a frying pan, the eggs are left to form a ‘foundation’ before being flipped over to create the capsule effect, and sliced immediately.

Delightful or disgusting? Either way, it’s mesmerising to watch.


Photo: Pidapipo Gelateria, Melbourne

Pidapipo Gelateria Melbourne

We love Nutella so much, why not have it on demand? That’s what Pidapipo Gelateria in Melbourne did when they installed a Nutella tap for their cones and desserts.

Whether you want mint, strawberry, or plain vanilla, a flow of warm Nutella on top is in high demand.


Lina Saber/ @bysaber

Instagram/ Lina Saber

This multi-coloured stack has been kicking up a storm on Instagram. Nutritionist, Lina Saber, created each stack and posted them to her Instagram as an alternative ‘wholesome’ snack and each can take up to an hour to make. While they look decadent, they’re high in nutrients and versatile in flavour: a perfect summer treat.


Instagram/ Giklive

Red or white? Try Blue. Spanish company Gik are shipping this mysterious product to the UK later this year, after revealing the world’s first blue wine on Instagram. The wine is made using a mixture of red and white grapes,  sourced in the company’s Spanish vineyards.

The anthocyanin chemical, extracted from the grapes (paired with a little indigo colouring) give the wine its distinctive blue colour. With 11.5% alcohol, and a ‘sweet’ flavour, we’re definitely giving this inventive one a try.

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