With the warm weather finally beginning to make an appearance this week, it’s time to celebrate with some seriously mouth-watering, refreshing, sin-laden milkshakes.

Check out our top 7 places in Belfast to go for seriously appetizing milkshakes.

Where else in Belfast do you recommend?! We’d love as many suggestions as possible so we can go out and try them for ourselves – and add even more to the list!

1. Jenz

207 Lisburn Road – Website


Famed for its amazing customised Hippy Shakes – you’ll be hard put to find a flavour combination Jenz will not be able to transform into a calorific cascade of heaven in a glass.

Indeed, there are so many flavours, they don’t all fit onto the board. But this’ll give you an idea…

Flavours at Jenz

At Jenz there are so many flavours, they don’t all fit onto the board

Specials range from such amazingly eclectic pairings as the Curly Wurly & Jelly Tots with Mallows & Cream; Boost & Nutella with Cream & Flake; and Crunchie & Peanut Butter with mallows and cream. To name just a few…

With a staggering six scoops of ice-cream and virtually any topping you can dream of transformed into one amazing sugaholic’s dream – it’s no wonder Jenz is famed for serving up some of the best shakes in Belfast!

2. Vandal

Winecellar Entry – Website

Desserts with a difference, we’ve been reliably informed from numerous sources that these Freak Jars are every chocoholic’s dream come true. The Chocolate Brownie contains vanilla & chocolate ice cream with chocolate syrup, brownie pieces mixed throughout, whipped cream and a brownie on top with chocolate shavings! (Yes, really).

Whilst the Mint Aero boasts chocolate & mint ice cream with chocolate syrup and pieces of Mint Aero mixed throughout. This is topped off with whipped cream and (more!) Mint Aero.

Pride Pic N Mix Milkyway Freak Jar

Meanwhile, the guys over at Vandal make sure they stay topical with their shakes! Just check out last week’s special Pride Shake Pic N Mix Milkyway Freak Jar. It featured Strawberry & Marshmallow ice cream, milky way chocolate, skittles and pic n mix sweets.

3. Maggie Mays

Malone Road and Botanic Avenue – Website

Where do we begin when attempting to describe the huge range of milkshakes on offer from Maggie Mays?!

For £2.45 you can get Maggies Shakes in a range of flavours from your standard Strawberry to Chocolate to Caramel – you can even try bolder flavours like Cinnamon and Marmalade.

Alternatively, Special Shakes ranging from Snickers; Rasperry Ruffle; Nutella; Creme Egg; Jammie Dodger and Chocolate Fudge Brownie – are just some of the more intricate mouth-watering options available.

Not to mention, all of the above are topped with marshmallows and sauce!

We particularly love the ‘Chewy One’ – featuring Diam Bar, toffee crisp and toffee sauce – or if your’re suffering we suggest the hangover busting Hair of the Dog – with Bailey’s, flake, chocolate sauce and whipped cream for £4.95.

With so many more options, check out the menu here – or even better – call in and try one. We seriously recommend.

4. YoggieBerrie

551 Antrim Road & Andersonstown Road – Website

Bubble Tea

The famous Bubble Tea is a YoggieBerrie Speciality. More like a yummy milkshake, choose from flavours such as Chocolate, Strawberry, Bananna & Coconut. You can customise your flavours with your favourite Pobbles, which you suck through a thick straw.

Oreo MilkshakesYoggieBerrie also offers melt-in-the-mouth healthy smoothies and tasty milkshakes. Made with two scoops of ice-cream, milk, topped with whipped cream – and ready for your customisation. You can add your toppings, and even blend your favourite flavours. Thus completing all of our childhood dreams in one sip.

Follow YoggieBerrie on Facebook to stay up to date with what’s on offer!

5. The Cookie Box

Locations throughout Belfast – Website

There are 64,684,500 different milkshake combinations at the Cookie Box! That’s a different shake for every day of the year for more than 177,000 years…

Pick any of your favourite chocolate bars, sweets and biscuits, and the Cookie Box will soon transform it into an amazing combination of flavoursome shakes. Choose tasty items from the extensive list and have them blended with fresh locally sourced ice-cream ..

If you’re feeling adventurous we recommend trying the Tops ‘n’ Tails! Two sets of two blended milkshake flavours in one big cup that guarantees some serious flavour overload. Check out The Cookie Box online at thecookiebox.co.uk for more info.

6. Sinnamon

80 Stranmillis Road and 49 Botanic Avenue – Website

One of Belfast’s finest independent coffee shops as featured in our Break The Chains: Top 11 Belfast Coffee Shops; Sinnamon offers delicious fresh milkshakes and vibrant fresh fruit smoothies.

Coming into the good weather, Sinnamon’s outside seating area in Stranmillis offers a particularly enjoyable spot to sit, chill, and people-watch – all while enjoying the sunshine!

7. Slim’s Kitchen

Locations throughout Belfast – Website

As well as the fantastic range of delicious healthy Protein Shakes – including the amazingly named ‘Mr Grey’ – Slim’s range of Simple Shakes range from Vitamin Twist; Honeysuckle; Blueberry Burst; Tropical Thunder; Ginger Lady; and our favourite; The Reefer.

There’s also terrific Veggie; Fruit and Simple Juices on offer – all of which offer a great energy boost.

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